Why should one go for Alpaca Wool Clothing?

Alpacas are one of the most popular animals for their wool. Belonging to the Peruvian origin, these adorable animals are distinct cousins to the llamas and the camels. People across the globe prefer alpaca wool clothing for fashionable winter clothes.


In the modern-day fashion world, alpaca wool clothing is quite valuable because of the reasons listed below:


  • Warmth:Wool’s quality is often decided by the warmth it provides. Sheep’s wool contains air pockets and can provide moderate warmth. However, in those countries where winter is the predominant season, they need to keep their bodies warm at all times. Alpaca is rather a hollow fiber that can trap heat.
  • Softness:Alpaca produces very fine fibers. The fleece is mostly under 20 microns. This is why the woollen garments made out of them are incredibly soft. Since alpaca fleece is scale-free, the wool produced from this is also incredibly soft to the touch and itch-free.
  • Moisture-proof:Wool fiber draws in moisture from its surrounding. It becomes saturated at a point in time, giving you a soggy feeling of your woollen wear. The alpaca fiber is hollow inside and hence, collects less amount of moisture. So, this keeps the one wearing it dry and happy.
  • Less Pilling:One of the most important problems with your woollen sweater is that the fibers start to pill. Alpaca wool happens to be substantially longer. Hence, these are more durable. Even after wearing these repeatedly, alpaca wool is less likely to pill.
  • Sustainability:Alpaca breeding is a more sustainable way of procuring wool. Alpacas drink less water and their grazing is comparatively less destructive. So, breeding a handful of them would not be very destructive.


The best fashion shows these days feature alpaca wool. The alpaca wool sweaters cost a lot of money, but these qualities make them worth it. It is not only fashionable to wear alpaca wool clothing, but it is also extremely comfortable. Many people find it more comforting to wear alpaca even if they need to spend some extra dollars. These days, alpacas are famous across the entire world.