Pima Cotton

Pima cotton is an ultra-soft fabric which incorporates long cotton fibers. It is known as ELS cotton (extra-long staple); a type of cotton where the fibers it consists of are more than 34 millimeters in length. Few pieces of cotton officially meet this metric.

Pima fabric is made from the Gossypium barbadense plant. The plant only grows in tropical areas and are highly prone to damage from the environment. It would be striking to a person as it grows as yellow flowers with unusually long cotton fibers on a small tree.

Because Pima cotton is grown in very few countries, it makes it rare when compared to other cotton fibers.

Pima cotton is used in the production of:


  • Casual clothes such as dresses, shirts, underwear, t-shirts, hoodies, and even dress-shirts.
  • Clothing that is luxury-oriented such as loungewear, bathrobes, and nightgowns.
  • For bathroom and bedroom uses such as towels and also bed sheets.

Advantages of Pima cotton


  • Its softness to touch

If you pay close attention to how materials feel on the skin, be it your sheets or clothes then you would appreciate Pima cotton. It has soft and durable strands that feel wholesome. The softness is brought about by the elongated fibers that make Pima cotton which is longer than the regular materials by 50 percent.
The material is not silk in nature but it has a high resemblance to it with how it touches the skin gracefully. Pima is the kind of cotton that can be described as the silkier and softer version of the standard cotton feel that one is accustomed to.


  • Pima’s durability

Pima is set to have a longer life span than the other regular materials. It has highly durable fibers and therefore it withstands a lot more washes in comparison to other fibers. This quality makes it superior quality when compared to standard fibers.
The certified quality
The production of Pima cotton in the United States is usually under very strict guidelines of the ASA or USDA. This is to say that anyone buying the very rare cotton would rest assured that the quality is approved and has been scrutinized to ensure only the best is released into the market.


  • Environmental impact

When compared to other types of cotton, Pima cotton would be the least impactful on the environment. Pima cotton is handpicked as opposed to the majority of cotton produced worldwide that is done by machines. This factor helps in the retention of the cotton fiber's integrity. It is in using this method that there will be less production of waste which will further lead to less damage to the environment during the production process of this fabric.


  • Conclusion

Pima is a fabric that draws people in due to its luxurious nature and quality. Giving it a chance next time you are unsure of what fabric to choose is assured to never disappoint you.

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