Is Alpaca Wool Sweater the Best Wool in the Market?

The world admits that an alpaca wool sweater is the best type of sweater available in the market. It is prized for its durability, warmth, and fashion among many global consumers.

Acquiring Alpaca Wool

Alpaca wool is native to South America. The material is breathable, highly insulating, soft and comfortable to wear. The process of producing alpaca wool is quite interesting. Generally, the shearing of an Alpaca happens with a pair of scissors. The process is done with utmost care to avoid harming the animal.

The raw wool would then be acquired and combed to make sure that the individual fibers are in a uniform direction. After the carding process, the wools is spun together into a single thicker fiber with the help of pushka.

This process is followed washing. The yarns of wool are washed off to remove the impurities from it. After this, the wools are air-dried and ready to be woven into a finished product.

Because of this process, the alpaca wool is generally very soft and and superior. If you wear an alpaca wool sweater, the variance in quality is instantly known.

Benefits of Alpaca Wool 

Generally, alpaca wool keeps the body 3 times warmer than general sheep wool. Because of the absence of lanolin, alpaca wool does not cause an allergic reaction on the skin of the user. The alpaca wool is also quite durable. If you care for your alpaca woollen garments properly, those can last almost forever. The fibers are long and silky and mostly stronger than sheep wool. So, the durability of these garments is enviable.


Moreover, alpaca fibers do not entrap moisture. Hence, it stays dry and comfortable all the time. For outdoor activities like hiking, this feature is quite lucrative. It is also exceptionally soft and wonderful to wear. These are the reasons people prefer alpaca wool sweaters over any other wool fiber all over the world. Some also consider it the best woollen garment in the market.