Best Place to Buy Peruvian Alpaca Sweaters


If you’ve been to Peru, then you know that the best souvenir you can take home is a Peruvian alpaca sweater! But don’t worry if you forgot to buy one when you were there. It’s now easy to order these authentic handmade sweaters online.

What makes Peruvian alpaca sweaters so unique?

Peruvian Alpaca Sweaters from Thebestofperu

Peru is abundant in vicuña, guanaco, and llama wool, but alpaca is considered the best option. This is because alpaca wool is soft yet affordable. Its texture makes it perfect for sweaters, but you can also find hiking gear, duvets, scarves, and underwear made with the fabric.

Additionally, alpaca fibers are comfortable to wear. They aren’t itchy despite their fuzzy appearance, and in fact, the sweaters are very cool to the touch.

Finding the perfect Peruvian alpaca sweaters for your wardrobe.

Don’t have the time to visit Peru at the moment? Don’t worry. After all, shopping for authentic fashion items made in Peru is now much easier thanks to online stores. But there’s just one problem: How can you ensure that the Peruvian alpaca sweaters you are buying are of the highest quality without physically seeing them? Here are a few tips before you go on an alpaca sweater shopping spree:

Check the price.

Similar to clothes made of pure leather or 100% silk, alpaca fabric is relatively expensive. So if you come across sweaters with prices too good to be true, chances are, they’re not what they seem.

Once you find genuine 100% alpaca sweaters, don’t hesitate to add them to your cart. The cost is worth it. These garments can last you a lifetime with proper care.

Check the weight.

Some sellers indicate the weight of their sweaters in the product description. If they don’t, message them and ask. The better the alpaca wool, the heavier it is. That’s because alpaca fibers are denser than other wools and acrylics. Heavier sweaters are probably made of 100% alpaca fibers.

Choose handmade sweaters.

Manual labor will result in higher-priced products, but you won’t regret making the purchase. When it comes to alpaca fabric, handmade clothes undergo a more meticulous, precise, and slow process. What results is an amazing-quality sweater that’s the perfect addition to your wardrobe.

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