Are Peruvian Alpaca Sweaters worth their Price

The Alpaca woollen sweater is one of the most expensive sweaters that one can possess. Depending on the weather you live in and your frequency of using sweaters, Peruvian alpaca sweaters protect you from rough climate conditions, cold weather, and difficult situations.

How much do Peruvian alpaca sweaters cost?

In Peru, the variety of Alpaca sweaters is more. Hence the wide price range. You can find sweaters worth $100 in local markets. You can also find labelled sweaters of pristine quality in the high-end Peruvian market. Those might cost around $250. However, if you search online, the price of the sweaters will generally vary between $110 and $150.

Why does the price vary?

There are a lot of reasons why the price varies so much. If you buy a baby alpaca sweater, you may pay more. The quality of the baby alpaca wool is superior to other alpaca wool. Other than that, where you are buying it from also matters. In the local market, the sweaters are usually woven with blended materials, apart from less-than-fine quality wool.

However, if you buy the sweater from high-end certified stores, you might have to pay more. There is another way that you can find a good alpaca sweater. You can contact the local communities and get authentic Peruvian alpaca sweaters. Of course, you might need to compromise on the style.

Alpaca wool is exclusive, the most expensive Alpaca being Vicuña. Even tiny scarves cost around $4000 if it is authentic Vicuña wool. But, other Alpaca wools, though exclusive, may be quite reasonably priced.

Sometimes, the price difference also depends on whether the sweater has been hand-knitted or machine-woven. The woven material sometimes uses more wool. So, they might charge you more. Sometimes, the pattern difference also counts for price variation.

However, the quality of the alpaca wool is worth paying the price. So, if you are buying authentic alpaca sweaters, you should be prepared to pay a bit more amount of money.


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