Are Alpaca Wool Sweaters Good for Winters?

You’ll want to ditch conventional wool clothing and synthetic fabrics in favor of garments made of fibers, such as alpaca wool, if you want to stay warm in the winter. One of the must-have winter garments is the sweater, and you’ll be glad to find alpaca wool sweaters among the options. Unlike merino or sheep wool, the alpaca wool sweater offers plenty of benefits that make it perfect for the winter. Here are reasons why it will be your next favorite thing to wear during the cold season:


Sheep wool may be warm, but it can be prickly and itchy. Some may even be allergic to it because of the oil and lanolin found in it. Alpacas don’t have those natural substances, making their wool hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin. You can comfortably wear alpaca wool sweaters while enjoying their soft feel.


Sheep’s wool contains air pockets, so it will eventually make you feel cold. Alpaca fur has hollow fibers, which are more effective at trapping heat. That means your alpaca wool sweater will keep you warm no matter where you go. It’s like carrying a portable radiator on your body!


Merino wool may be naturally moisture-wicking, but it's not the best for staying warm while enjoying outdoor winter activities, such as hiking, skiing, camping, and ice skating. When you’re active in cold weather, you’ll sweat and soak the wool fibers with moisture, leaving you cold and clammy. Alpaca wool has hollow fibers, and without a fiber core to trap moisture, you can trust your sweater to keep you dry and warm outdoors.


Incredibly stylish and luxurious

Is your winter wardrobe limited to dark, dreary, bulky coats and jackets? An alpaca wool sweater could add color and texture to your look. Peruvian alpaca wool sweaters are handmade using ancient knitting techniques like intarsia and Jacquard. Each sweater is handmade by skilled artisans, so there’s a unique touch to its craftsmanship and overall value, making it extra special to wear.