Advantages of Wearing Alpaca Wool Clothing


Are you looking for a worthwhile addition to your closet? Forget about fast fashion items. It’s time to invest in some high-quality alpaca wool clothing that transcends trends and lasts for many years.

The advantages of wearing alpaca wool clothing

Alpaca fabric comes from the fibers that naturally grow on the South American species. It is similar to sheep wool; however, alpaca fiber is significantly softer and more durable.

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Another thing to note is that alpaca wool mainly comes from Peru. The country has over 87% of the global alpaca population, with the Arequipa region producing 99% of the fibers.

Here are some benefits of wearing Peruvian alpaca wool clothing:

  • Hypoallergenic

If you’ve worn sheep wool clothing before, you might have experienced some allergic reactions. Lanolin, a protective waxy layer is responsible for triggering asthma, sinusitis, and ear infections.

Fortunately, alpaca wool only has a limited amount of lanolin so it doesn’t expose you to allergens.

  • Itch-free

Many people opt out of using wool clothing due to itchiness and discomfort. These fuzzy sweaters can surely make your life a living hell, but not when you wear alpaca fabric. High-quality alpaca fibers are perfect for sensitive skin, primarily if they are sourced from baby alpacas. Meanwhile, Royal alpaca wool is the least itchy at only 18-21 microns.

  • Soft and breathable

Are you stocking up on warm clothes for the winter? Then alpaca wool clothing could be the perfect addition to your wardrobe! Its fibers are significantly softer than other woolly fabrics. Plus, its unique texture effectively traps heat within your body.

On top of that, alpaca wool is highly breathable, preventing discomfort regardless of the weather. The fibers are also water and wind-resistant so that you can wear the clothing during camping trips, hikes, or even quick errands.

  • Easy to maintain

Don’t you hate it when you accidentally spill wine on your sweater? Luckily, removing stains isn’t much of a problem with alpaca clothing. The high-quality wool is stain and odor-repellent, making them last longer when you’re out and about.

Additionally, alpaca fabric is wrinkle-free, which means you don’t have to iron them regularly!