Why is the Alpaca Wool Blanket the Best Choice?

Does it get a little too cold in your room at night? If your usual blankets aren’t quite making you warm, perhaps it’s time to invest in something of better quality. An alpaca wool blanket is what you need.

Why should you purchase an alpaca wool blanket?

Alpaca wool isn’t like your usual fabric. It is primarily produced in Peru, being home to 87% of the world’s alpaca population. There, you can find various alpaca-sourced products, including wool blankets, sweaters, scarves, and capes.

Warm Alpaca Wool Blanket by Thebestofperu

But what makes alpaca wool blankets so special in the first place? The fabric’s popularity can be due to its numerous benefits:

  • Warmth

If you’re in the market for blankets, chances are, it’s because you want to stay warm. This means that buying thin fabrics is out of the question. You’re left with a few options: cotton, fleece, acrylic, and wool. Cotton fabric is soft, although it might not be thick enough to keep you warm. Meanwhile, fleece and acrylic are synthetic materials, which may not be the best for your lifestyle.

On the other hand, wool comes from natural sources such as sheep and alpaca. But its most defining feature is that it can adapt to temperature changes. When you use it, you can stay warm throughout the night without having to wake up.

  • Breathability

It can be tricky to sleep when the seasons are transitioning. The night might start out cold but the temperature can go up later on. The heat can become too unbearable under a regular blanket, ultimately ruining a good night’s sleep.

This shouldn’t be a problem with alpaca wool blankets. The fabric is breathable, preventing you from sweating despite the temperature. Plus, you can rely on these blankets to keep you comfortable during overnight camping trips.

  • Hypoallergenic properties

One downside to using wool products is that they can trigger some allergies. This is due to a natural grease on the fur, causing asthma and lung infections.

But don’t worry. Alpaca wool contains little to no allergens compared to other fabrics. In fact, most of them are washed off during production!