Where to Find Good Alpaca Sweaters for Men

Wool doesn’t just come from sheep. In fact, the fabric has multiple sources, including goats, rabbits, and most surprisingly, alpaca. And if you haven’t tried wearing an alpaca sweater for men yet, then you’re missing out.

The fantastic benefits of alpaca sweaters for men

Durable Alpaca Sweaters for Men by Thebestofperu

Alpaca wool is one of the most versatile fabrics available. This thick material is made of keratin protein fibers, helping them withstand harsh conditions. So, for instance, if you wore a men’s alpaca sweater outdoors, you take advantage of:

  • Comfort

Not many fabrics can adjust to the surrounding temperature, but alpaca wool does it perfectly. So if you are hiking in the mountains and feeling cold, an alpaca sweater can keep you warm. And if you’re out on a hot summer day, its air-pockets can help lower the temperature!

  • Cleanliness

Unfortunately, synthetic fibers tend to absorb odors, making you feel uncomfortable, or worse, stinky. But don’t worry—alpaca wool doesn’t have this issue. Instead, this fabric naturally repels bacteria, allowing you to wear alpaca sweaters without worrying about what other people might think.

  • Breathability

Do you tend to sweat a lot? This isn’t something to be embarrassed about, especially when you’re wearing an alpaca sweater. This natural wool absorbs moisture and wicks it outwards, making you feel fresh no matter the situation.

  • Durability

This may come as a surprise, but alpaca fabric is incredibly durable! Although it’s lighter than most wool, its fibers have a high tensile strength that will last you for years to come.

Searching for high-quality alpaca sweaters for men

Alpaca wool has drastically grown in popularity over the years, which means numerous fakes can now be found on the market. Here’s how to tell if alpaca is genuine:

  • Alpaca wool feels cold to the touch.
  • Alpaca sweaters should not make your skin itch.
  • Genuine alpaca clothing is sold at much higher prices, with its materials sourced straight from Peru.