What are the Types of Alpaca Wool Clothing Available in the Market

Learning the benefits of Alpaca wool will make you want to try garments made from it. Maybe you want to experience its buttery soft, luxurious feel on your skin and wear it worry-free due to its hypoallergenic properties. Now you’re curious about alpaca wool clothing and the types you can find in the market. The options depend on the merchant, so you have to choose where to buy wisely. Make sure it carries authentic products made of authentic alpaca wool and crafted by skilled artisans from Peru.

Why Peruvian alpaca wool clothing?

Peru has a wealth of luxurious raw materials, including alpaca wool. Its artisans have centuries of experience in textile technology, innovation, and techniques, making them capable of producing high-quality alpaca wool clothing. Artisans may combine the wool with other premium materials, such as Pima cotton, to produce luxurious and one-of-a-kind garments. They also draw inspiration from Peru’s wonderful textile and historical heritage to create original and fantastic designs you won’t find anywhere else.

The lightness, comfort, and softness of alpaca wool add value to these garments. Here are some of the types of alpaca wool clothing you’ll find in the market today:


Alpaca wool sweaters are knitted by hand using ancient techniques like intarsia knitting and Jacquard. These special knitting techniques cannot be reproduced by machine. Only the most skilled Peruvian knitters can achieve high-quality knitted alpaca wool sweaters that feel soft to the touch and will keep you warm all winter. Sweaters are great for outdoor winter activities because alpaca wool fibers remain dry. So, they’re unlikely to leave you feeling cold and clammy.


Cardigans are some of the most popular alpaca wool clothing you’ll find online. These are knitted using the same techniques as alpaca sweaters, and they are versatile garments that can add a stylishly luxurious touch to any winter look.

Capes and shawls

These garments help elevate your style while keeping you warm. Alpaca wool capes and wraps come in natural colors that are eco-friendly and hypoallergenic. You’ll find them in various designs inspired by Peruvian culture, including landscapes and florals.