Things You Should Know About Peruvian Alpaca Sweaters

You cannot leave Peru without buying Peruvian alpaca sweatersas it is almost like a ritual for tourists. Peru is known for the fine quality alpaca wool. This wool is available all over the country. However, it takes a trained pair of eyes to buy perfect guinea alpaca garments from the local market.

Why is alpaca wool so famous?

Alpaca wool is one of the finest wools available in Peru. It is very soft and very suitable to make clothing. It is also more affordable than the other alternatives. The best quality wool comes from a baby alpaca. The texture of these wools is so soft that it is a perfect ingredient for Peruvian alpaca sweaters.

Peruvian alpaca sweaters by Thebestofperu

Tips for buying alpaca sweaters:

  1. Beware of falsehood- And it is easy to identify. If you think that the offer is too good to be true, it probably is. Many fake products are available in the market, and people should not fall for their claims of authenticity. The price of the sweater would be a perfect red flag.
  2. 100% alpaca sweater is a myth- The high-end shops always have high-quality alpaca sweaters. But the local market will not feature products of that quality. 100% baby alpaca claims are nothing but myths.
  3. It should not be itchy- Peruvian alpaca sweaters are very soft. Hence, it should not be itchy. A minute micron count will mean that it will be close to itch-free.
  4. It is more expensive- The price tag on the alpaca sweater will be around 50% more compared to regular Peruvian sweaters. The wool is a good insulator and smooth to touch. Hence the price is also higher.
  5. The sweater will feel heavy- Alpaca fibres used in the sweaters are very dense, and the sweaters will feel heavy. The 100% alpaca wool sweaters are heavier than other sweaters.


These tips will help anybody new to alpaca sweaters identify real alpaca in Peru. This way, you can avoid any luring fraudulent offers in the local market of Peru.