Smart Shopper Guide - Which Clothing Material Should You Buy for the Winter?

The ideal winter clothing needs to be warm and comfortable to wear. Enter alpaca wool clothing, which comes in a wide range of sweaters, cardigans, and scarves. Alpaca fleece is a delicate yet strong fiber with a velvet-like touch. The structure of the fibers teams up to make it smooth as silk while being able to endure regular wear and tear. Discerning women choose alpaca sweaters from Peru as they are superior in terms of quality and luxuriousness.

Anyone who has ever worn alpaca clothing can attest to the fact that it feels softer, more comfortable, and warmer than wool, making it easier to wear and care for. Here are more reasons why alpaca wool is the best for winter.


Alpaca wool is extremely soft to the touch, and its softness can be comparable to cashmere. This feature is due to the material’s low micron count. Microns are a fiber’s diameter measured in one-thousandth of a millimeter, making them very tiny. Sheep wool has more microns, making it feel rough.

Better warmth

Alpaca fibers are up to three times warmer than wool from sheep. That’s because the hairs have a hollow center that maintains warmth more effectively compared to denser sheep fibers. The medullated fibers also contribute to the low weight of the garments. This is why a women’s alpaca sweater is more comfortable and lighter to wear for prolonged periods.


Some people are allergic to sheep wool because of lanolin, the naturally occurring waxy substance that can cause itching, blisters, red eyes, and other uncomfortable symptoms. Alpaca hairs do not have that, making the clothing hypoallergenic for those sensitive to allergens.

Durable and long-lasting

With proper care, alpaca sweaters and clothing would seem to last forever. They are less prone to pilling or matting as the fibers are longer, silkier, and stronger, so your garments can still look good as new, even after several winters.


What’s more, women’s alpaca sweaters draw moisture, allowing the wearer to stay comfortable, dry, and warmer. That makes alpaca garments suitable for winter outdoor activities, such as skiing, ice skating, and hiking.