Is the alpaca wool sweater the best wool sweater?

Alpaca wool sweaters are gaining popularity amidst the rising trend against synthetic fabrics. There is an increasing focus on sustainability and eco-friendly fabrics. Other fashion garments crafted from soft alpaca wool include scarves, hats, coats, wraps, throws, and gloves. Alpaca sweaters are lighter and more durable. Alpaca wool comes in several color variants that make them a great fashion statement. They can also be dyed in other shades. Alpaca wool sweaters and other garments are most often dyed in natural dyes and are not found in very bright shades.

Features of alpaca wool sweaters

  • Alpaca is a naturally renewable and sustainable material. Alpaca wool regrows naturally and is produced in more quantities than sheep. The alpacas do not harm the territory they graze in and consume lesser water than goats.
  • Alpaca wool is hypoallergenic and incredibly soft. Several people are allergic to the lanolin oil found in natural materials. But alpaca wool doesn’t contain this allergen.
  • The wool from alpacas is soft, fine, and non-itchy.
  • Alpaca wool is more affordable than other comparable fabrics like cashmere.
  • Alpaca fibers are lightweight, but that does not diminish their thermal properties. Alpaca wool offers three times the insulation provided by sheep wool and is 7 times warmer too. Alpaca fibers have microscopic air pockets that lend unique thermal properties.
  • Alpaca wool does not absorb water and retains its warmth. This water-repellent quality makes it ideal for coats and sweaters. Alpaca wool is thus cool and smooth to the touch.

·        Alpaca wool sweaters are heavy as the fibers are denser than other wools or acrylic.

  • Alpaca fleece is non-flammable.

Buying Alpaca wool sweaters

For those who are looking at more affordable options, alpaca blended wool sweaters are a great choice. These include a blend of alpaca wool and synthetic fibers or brushed acrylic. Alpaca wool sweaters come in alluring styles, be it turtleneck or pullover hoodie. Store your alpaca wool sweaters folded and not hanging lest they are pulled out of shape. The soft rich feel of alpaca wool sweaters will make them a hot favorite with the fashionable and discerning buyer.