Is It a Good Choice to Purchase an Alpaca Wool Blanket?

Should you buy an alpaca wool blanket, or would it be better to go for other fabrics? The cold season is slowly on its way, and you need to decide quickly. So what type of blanket will keep you warm best?

The advantages of using alpaca wool blankets

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Blankets can come in multiple fabrics, from alpaca wool to sheep fleece. Cotton blankets are a popular choice, favored by those who want a lightweight alternative. Down blankets are warm and soft, but they can also cause uncomfortable nighttime sweating.

But what about alpaca wool blankets? Is natural alpaca fabric worth your investment? Here’s why the answer is yes:

Alpaca wool is safe to use

Does your sheep wool blanket make you feel itchy and uncomfortable at night? Unfortunately, this fabric can cause allergies due to a naturally occurring substance called lanolin. And while alpaca fabric isn’t free of lanolin, it contains significantly less than other types of wool. You don’t have to worry about allergies and irritation throughout the night.

Alpaca wool is soft

If there’s one feature every blanket should have, it’s comfortability. And luckily, alpaca wool fits the bill perfectly. This fabric is made of special fibers with small scales, making it softer than other wool products.

In addition, it is very effective at keeping you warm and snug, trapping heat inside its fibers as if it were a portable heater!

Alpaca wool blankets are easy to maintain

Because of its unique fibers, alpaca wool is able to withstand many conditions. If you accidentally spill a glass of wine on the blanket, it won’t stain as quickly as other fabrics.

It is also water and odor-repellent, staying clean for more extended periods. It’s the perfect companion for camping and hiking trips, protecting you from strong odors, moisture, and sweat.

The best thing about alpaca fabric is its sustainability. If you buy genuine, high-quality products from a trusted store, you can ensure that your blanket will last a very long time.