Do alpaca shawls help keep you warm?

Alpaca wool is considered to be one of the finest winter fabrics used to make garments. This fiber has various exceptional qualities that no other woolen fiber can deliver. Alpaca shawls are the favorite items that people prefer buying from authentic shops online to enjoy the luxury of warmth, breathability, and lightness. Here is why an alpaca shawl can be a great asset in the winter season.

Durable Alpaca Shawls by Thebestofperu

Why should you use alpaca shawls?

  1. Hollow wool fibers

The fur of alpacas is made of hollow hair. This hair has natural air pockets that act as excellent insulators. This property of alpaca wool is ideal for making winter garments and accessories. Shawls made of this wool are quite lighter than the other options. The shawls are also warmer than the rest due to the hollow properties of this fiber.  

  1. Breathable fiber

Perspiring underneath a woolen garment is very uncomfortable. It happens when the woolen fabric does not allow air to pass and causes suffocation to your skin. You start sweating due to overheating and will feel exhausted. This is where using alpaca shawls can be of great help. This breathable wool allows your skin to breathe and release the extra heat easily. You will feel really comfortable even when you are carrying a shawl for hours.

  1. Strength and durability

Alpaca wool is known to be waterproof. Its natural colors sometimes don’t need any chemical preparations. Hence, this fiber delivers exemplary strength and durability to your shawls. You can use these items multiple times and wash them easily. These shawls can also be cleaned as dirt does not get stuck on the fibers.


The natural texture and color of alpaca shawls are breathtaking. The latest designs and textures also make these items adorable. Choose your favorite shawl today and keep yourself warm.