Care Tips for Your Alpaca Clothes

If you hope to extend the life of your beloved alpaca wool garment, then it is essential that you follow the care instructions that come with it. If this is not available, here are some general guidelines to keep in mind.


Can you wash alpaca wool clothing in a washing machine?

Yes, but don’t use the dryer. Here’s how to wash your 100% alpaca wool sweater in the machine:


  • Choose the ‘wool’ setting if available. Otherwise, go for the ‘cold water’ and ‘delicate’ cycle.
  • Turn your sweater inside-out and put it in a mesh bag, which will protect it from snagging during the laundering process.
  • Finally, lay flat to dry after washing. Voila! Your favorite sweater is as good as new!


Can you handwash wash alpaca wool clothing?

Yes, absolutely. Here’s how to safely hand wash your alpaca garment properly, with no damage done:


  • Start by turning it inside out and placing it in a mesh bag for protection against pulls.
  • Dissolve some mild detergent or shampoo in warm water and soak the sweater briefly before gently pressing (not rubbing) the fabric so that clean water floods through its fibers.
  • Rinse until all of the suds have been removed, then press excess liquid from it using a towel if necessary. Heavier items, such as an alpaca sweater, should be wrapped up first for this step.
  • Finally, lay flat on a drying rack to dry naturally into its intended shape without bleaching agents or fabric softener coming into play.


What should you NOT do when cleaning alpaca wool clothing?

To ensure that your alpaca wool clothing last for years to come, never use hot water, fabric softeners, bleach, and a dryer.


Do certain alpaca garments need to be dry cleaned?

Alpaca silk scarves, shawls, and lightweight knits such as bouclé finishes should always be brought to the dry-cleaners. Additionally, coats or jackets constructed of alpaca must also be taken to a professional for cleaning. Careful maintenance ensures your garments will look pristine for years!