Are Women's Alpaca Sweaters Better Than Other Ordinary Sweaters?

Wool and cashmere sweaters are not always the best choice for keeping warm. The problem with sweaters made with merino wool is that they may leave you clammy and cause itching after some time. Cashmere sweaters, conversely, can be costly and unsuitable for outdoor winter activities. If you want something durable but more reliable in keeping you warm, alpaca sweaters can be a good option. Stylish women prefer the alpaca sweater, too, because it lets them be stylish while being all warm and toasty.

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Better than ordinary sweaters?

Alpacas are native to Peru and the cute cousins of llamas and camels. Their wool has been used for centuries, particularly by the Incas, and is specifically helpful in dealing with the Andes mountains’ harsh climate. Back then, their wool had a higher value than gold.

Nowadays, you need not spend a lot to get a high-quality women's alpaca sweater. And it can be a good investment for many winters because of its unmatched durability and warmth. Unlike sheep’s wool, alpaca wool is made of hollow fibers. That means it lacks air pockets that allow heat to escape. Moreover, the hollow fibers of alpaca wool are moisture-proof, which can be beneficial if you’re looking to spend a lot of time outdoors in the snow. It will keep you nice and dry all around.


With alpaca sweaters, you won’t have to spend time shaving the stray fibers off. The fibers are naturally coarse and short in wool and cashmere sweaters and are prone to pilling. Women's alpaca sweaters are less likely to pill and more sustainable than cashmere, too.

Looks and feels luxurious

For the style-conscious, it’s hard to pass on the alpaca sweater. High-quality alpaca breeding programs result in superfine fleece, which means under 20 microns. That means outstanding softness without the scales, which cause itching in wool.